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Good Afternoon,
Here is an update on upcoming events and recent news related to sustainability at FAS!

*        Fall Freecycle: Back by popular demand on November 30, 11-2pm (drop off 9-10.30) in the lobby of Maxwell Dworkin. Organized by green programs at FAS, SEAS and HLS.

*        Harvard Thinks Green<http://www.green.harvard.edu/thinksgreen>: Dec.8, 5PM, an exciting new sustainability event that features 6 all-star environmental faculty and 6 big green ideas. Starring Eric Chivian, Rebecca Henderson, Robert Kaplan, Richard Lazarus, James McCarthy and Christoph Reinhart.  Location: Sanders Theater. Learn more at www.green.harvard.edu/thinksgreen<http://www.green.harvard.edu/thinksgreen>.


*         FAS' First Home Efficiency Workshop<http://green.harvard.edu/fas-holds-home-energy-efficiency-workshop-incl-tips>: More than 30 FAS staff attended the event to learn about simple Do It Yourself measures for reducing your utility bill and about available resources, such as home energy audits, financial incentives and local programs, such as Mass Save, and the Cambridge Energy Alliance. The FAS Green Program plans to build on the success to host more workshops within departments and around the FAS. Look for the traveling show, or click here<http://green.harvard.edu/fas-holds-home-energy-efficiency-workshop-incl-tips> to read more and find the slides from the presentation.

*         College Students Weatherize Office of Career Services and Office for the Arts: On Oct. 23rd, 30 students and staff decided not to spend their lazy Sunday mornings sleeping in, but rather, to get up early, roll up their sleeves, and pitch in to implement energy conservation measures such as insulating hot water pipes, sealing fire places and installing LED light fixtures. Their work is expected to save the University over $6,500 and 19 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent. Click here<http://youtu.be/qLvory2S18U> to view the VIDEO

*         Freezer Preventive Maintenance Program: The FAS Office for Physical Resources and Planning has launched a new Preventative Maintenance (PM) program that is open to all ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers in the FAS. The goal is to improve the longevity of the participating freezers, achieve energy savings, improve sample security, and reduce the risk of freezer failure. The cost of the program will be covered by the energy savings resulting from the preventative maintenance measures. Interested labs should contact Stephanie Dacko, Shon's Service Coordinator, at sdacko at shonsscientific.com<mailto:sdacko at shonsscientific.com> to set up their first preventative maintenance inspection. Contact Jamie Bemis<mailto:jamie_bemis at harvard.edu> for additional resources on how to properly care for your freezer!

*         Fan Coil Management in CGIS: Why cool empty space? During the summer months, building managers Matt Stec and Joel Day set the office spaces to default to unoccupied mode. Because all spaces are equipped with a thermostat, occupants needed merely to press a button when they arrived for their space to go immediately into occupied mode for four hours, satisfying cooling needs.  This program is easily replicable across the university, and many building managers are already exploring the possibility in their buildings. Learn more in this month's Green Building Tip<http://green.harvard.edu/oct-green-bldg-tip-efficiency-strategies-fan-coil-units> from GBS.
THE HIT LIST, A Summary of Recent FAS Green Stories:

*         LEED UPDATE: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/seven-harvard-fas-projects-achieve-leed-certification> to read about the 7 FAS renovation projects to achieve LEED certification.

*         GREEN LABS: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/introducing-green-chemistry-harvard-labs> to read about this summer's Green Chemistry series for FAS Labs.

*         WASTE REDUCTION: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/fas-freecycle-and-sustainability-fair> to read about this summer's FAS Freecycle event - over 200 pounds of donated stuff up for grabs!

*         FOOD WASTE: Click here<http://green.harvard.edu/dining-hall-food-waste-down-565-2005> to read about how dining hall food waste has dropped 56.5% since 2005 thanks in part to REP outreach to fellow students.

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