[Greener-benches] Reminder: Lab Equipment Vendor Display TODAY 10:00- 2:00 pm, Bauer/Naito Lobby!

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Hi All, 


Just wanted to remind you the Lab Equipment Vendor Display is happening
today in the Bauer/Naito Lobby from 10:00- 2:00. Hope you can stop by! 






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Dear All, 


Below is an announcement regarding an upcoming Lab Equipment Vendor
Display in the Naito/Bauer lobby on March 9th. This is a great
opportunity  to learn more about the different equipment options
available. More information is detailed below, and a flyer is attached.
Please pass along this announcement to all members of your community who
may be interested!


Note: if you would like color copies of the flyer printed out for you,
please let our intern Danny Wilson (cc'ed) know how many copies you
would like, and he will drop them off for you later this week. 


Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you there!


Lab Equipment Vendor Display: March 9th, 10:00- 2:00, Bauer/Naito Lobby


The FAS Green Program and the SCRB Department are co-hosting an Energy
Efficient Lab Equipment display in Bauer Laboratory on March 9th  from
10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The vendor display will feature different models of
the most energy-intensive types of equipment in a biological lab
setting, including ultra-low temperature freezers, bio-safety cabinets,
centrifuges, and incubators. Energy consumption information will be
provided for each of the units present, to encourage researchers and lab
managers to purchase the most efficient options.  


The purchase of the most energy efficient types of lab equipment is an
important step in Harvard's goal to reduce the campus's greenhouse gas
emissions by 30% by 2016. Since labs are the most energy intensive
spaces on campus, a significant focus is dedicated to reducing the
carbon footprint of these facilities. Many productive collaborations
have been formed to date and considerable progress has been made. It is
critical that these efforts be continued campus-wide in order to
effectively manage energy consumption and growth in the future.  


Everyone interested is welcome to attend!






Jamie Bemis

FAS Green Program Coordinator

Harvard University Office for Sustainability

69 Dunster Street | Cambridge, MA 02138

(ph) 617-384-5496 | (fax) 617-496-4763

http://green.harvard.edu <http://green.harvard.edu>  |
jamie_bemis at harvard.edu <mailto:lauren_raece at harvard.edu> 

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