[Greener-benches] Introducing new FAS Green Program Lab Coordinator

Bemis, Jamie L jamie_bemis at harvard.edu
Fri Nov 5 09:37:40 EDT 2010

Hi All! 


I wanted to send a quick note and introduce myself to those of you who I
haven't met yet. My name is Jamie Bemis and I joined the FAS Green
Program team in September as the new Green Labs Program Coordinator
(replacing Philip Kreycik). I will be the new point person at the Office
for Sustainability for anything lab-related, and can act as a resource
for Green Teams as well! Before joining OFS, I worked as a Mechanical
Engineer designing HVAC systems for buildings at a consulting
engineering firm in western MA. My work was primarily focused on lab
design for universities and biotech firms, so I understand lab
environments and the associated issues very well. Also, as an
undergraduate at the University of New Hampshire, I conducted multiple
research projects on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This also
strengthened my background in sustainable technologies, while providing
me with first-hand experience in a research setting. I am excited to
work on sustainability issues from a different perspective, and look
forward to exploring the many opportunities in the lab buildings!


Please let me know if you have any questions related to sustainability,
or project ideas, and I'd be happy to set up a meeting to discuss them
with you. Feel free to also reply and introduce yourself! I look forward
to working with you all over the next few months! 




Jamie Bemis

FAS Green Program Coordinator

Harvard University Office for Sustainability

69 Dunster Street | Cambridge, MA 02138

(ph) 617-384-5496 | (fax) 617-496-4763

http://green.harvard.edu <http://green.harvard.edu>  |
jamie_bemis at harvard.edu <mailto:lauren_raece at harvard.edu> 


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