[Greener-benches] June Green Tip - save energy, especially tomorrow afternoon!

Kreycik, Philip William philip_kreycik at harvard.edu
Wed Jun 23 15:06:09 EDT 2010

Dear all,


Tomorrow is on track to be the hottest day of the year so far.  All the
marginal capacity power plants are likely to be called onto the grid in
order to provide for the additional electricity load for air
conditioning across New England, making our grid more expensive.


While tomorrow may or may not be officially determined to be a "peak
demand" day in which we ask building managers and occupants to defer
energy intensive processes until later (we reserve this notification for
2-3 times per year at most),  it is a good practice to be more proactive
about energy conservation on hot days - not only will it help your space
maintain a comfortable temperature setpoint not to have as much waste
heat generated, but it also helps flatten our peak demand directly.


Here are some things you might consider doing tomorrow or during any
summer heat wave:


*         Closing your fume hood sashes whenever possible, and if
possible doing other, non-hood based research during the hottest hours
of the day. (remember this is a window straight to the outside!)

*         Shut off equipment that is idling - monitors, pumps, etc.

*         Avoid using large lasers with significant cooling loads during
the hottest part of the day, if possible.

*         Run autoclaves and dishwashers just before leaving for the day
or first thing in the morning, so that you do not have to run them
during the mid-afternoon

o   Only run full loads - always a good practice, but particularly
during times like this


Please send us any additional ideas you may have for how you and your
peer researchers can help us reduce our demand, and how we can best
communicate about peak demand instances!



Philip & Gosia


P.S. Many of you probably know that I (Philip) am moving on to work as
an Energy Analyst in Harvard Engineering and Utilities (E&U).  This will
be my last green tip to post to the list.


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