[Greener-benches] April Green Tip: environmental student grants! up to $5000 each!

Kreycik, Philip William philip_kreycik at harvard.edu
Wed Mar 31 09:28:27 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,


Exciting news!  Our office (the Office for Sustainability) has approved
a green student grant program, and all students are eligible.  Grad
students and undergrads - bring your ideas to your lab manager.  Lab
managers - just partner with a student if you have an idea!   


There should be tons of opportunities opened up by having these small
grants available.  Here are some that I just brainstormed this morning:


*	switch to a safer chemical alternative (ex. switching from EtBr
to SybrSafe or similar)
*	try using dry room temperature DNA or RNA storage
*	switch all the CRT monitors in your lab to flat screens to save
*	help make a solvent recycler a more cost effective investment
for your lab


Grants range from $500 to $5000, and more information about eligibility
and process is attached!


If you want me to look at your proposal before you submit it officially,
I'd be happy to do so.  I look forward to seeing all the ideas!





P.S. Proposal Deadline: 4/18

P.P.S. If you want to nominate anyone for a Green Carpet award, the
deadline is April 9. www.green.harvard.edu/greencarpet



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