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Dear all,


Looks like March is set to be a very green month!  This month's
Greener-benches Tip includes several parts:


1)       Harvard's first ever campus-wide "Green Carpet Awards
<http://www.green.harvard.edu/greencarpet> " 

a.       Mark your calendar - April 23rd

b.       If you know anyone in your department who has done a great deal
to reduce the environmental impact of day to day operations at Harvard,
please consider nominating them for an award, by April 9th.

c.       Celebratory reception to be held after awards are given out

2)       The Office for Sustainability's Green Video contest

a.       Deadline: April 16th

b.       $700 top prize

3)       American Chemical Society's green video contest
<http://pubs.acs.org/page/esthag/video/contest-rules.html>  - "How Does
Chemistry Help YOU Be Green?"

a.       Deadline: April 15th

b.       $500 top prize plus offsets

4)       Biomatrica workshop on dry room temperature storage of
biological materials 

a.       This Friday, 3/26 at 1pm

b.       Can be viewed from your computer

c.       Event website for registration and more info:


More info on all these opportunities can be found at the links above, or
in the information pasted below.







1) Green Carpet Awards & 2) Office for Sustainability Green Video

This is the campus-wide Harvard University Green Tip of the Month. Click
here <http://harvard-ofs.cmail5.com/t/y/u/oidtlr/ktxiklru/>  to
Having trouble reading this newsletter? Click here
<http://harvard-ofs.cmail5.com/t/y/l/oidtlr/ktxiklru/r>  to see it in
your browser.


 Harvard University Green Tip of the



Harvard Green Carpet Awards
hosted by the Office for Sustainability

class=imgBorder v:shapes="_x0000_s1026"> Who do you want to see walk
down Harvard's Green Carpet?

The Harvard Office for Sustainability is pleased to announce the first
annual Harvard Green Carpet Awards program targeting the many staff,
students and faculty across Harvard who have made significant
contributions to Harvard's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Goal and
other sustainability efforts.

Nominate your colleagues or yourself today! Nominations are due Friday,
April 9th.

Team Projects <http://harvard-ofs.cmail5.com/t/y/l/oidtlr/ktxiklru/j> 

*	Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Project
*	Waste or Water Reduction Project
*	Capital Project
*	Student Project
*	Green Team Project

Individual Achievement Awards

*	Individuals from each School and unit will be recognized

Mark your calendars and please join us on April 23rd.

*	2-3pm: Sustainability Fair, Memorial Hall Transept
*	3-4pm: Green Carpet Awards, Sanders Theater
*	4-5pm: Reception, Queen's Head Pub

Please RSVP on the Green Carpet Awards website and forward to friends
and colleagues:



Harvard Green Video Contest

Harvard's Green Video competition seeks short videos made by Harvard
students that show how individual actions can help reduce environmental

The top videos will be screened and winners will be announced at the
Harvard Green Carpet Awards. First prize is $700, second prize is $300.

More information at green.harvard.edu/greencarpet#4

Need Inspiration?

*	Harvard GreenTube 2009 videos
*	Phillips Academy
*	Proper Education
*	Bottle Dance

And for animation:

*	The Story of Stuff
*	350.org's 'Because the world needs to know'





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3) American Chemical Society - Environmental Science & Technology green
video contest:


"How Does Chemistry Help YOU Be Green?" - A Video Contest From ES&T


2010 is a milestone year for environmental awareness, marking the 40th
anniversary of the celebration and recognition of Earth Day, the
founding of the Environmental Protection Agency and the National
Environmental Policy Act that have all helped to shape the way we think
and the way we live our lives with respect to the environment.  In
recognition of these significant milestones and the part we can all
play, Environmental Science & Technology would like to give you the
chance to show the world how chemistry helps you be green.  


Please share with us what you are doing in your own community, school,
workplace, etc. to be more green and how chemistry can help sustain both
your efforts and the world you live in. Submit a video on your own, or
join up with a research partner, a classmate, a professor, you can even
submit a video as a whole class or lab-but please be creative, have fun,
and help us show the world how chemistry helps you, or can help us all
to be green!


                                Submit your videos and you could win up
to $500.

                                For more information on the contest
rules and guidelines, visit ES&T Video Contest
<http://pubs.acs.org/page/esthag/video/contest-rules.html> .

                                Please submit your video today! Contest
ends April 15, 2010.


4) Biomatrica Symposium




Workshop on Stabilization of Biological Materials 

Collection of bio-specimens for biomedical research is on the increase
and there is a concomitant need for effective, low-cost, eco-friendly,
long-term storage and archiving process that preserves the integrity of
these biological assets. We invite you to join a panel of researchers
describing validation of new technologies developed for storage and
preservation of biological samples at room temperature. 

When: Friday, March 26th 2010 

Where: Center for Molecular Genetics (CMG), UCSD, La Jolla, CA.   

Time: 10am - 12noon   


1. Darren Morrow, Research Associate II, Biology Department, Stanford
University, Stanford, CA. 

2. Wilson Liao, MD, Professor, Dermatology Department, UCSF School of
Medicine, San Francisco, CA.  

3. Martin Latterich, Ph.D., Professor, Proteogenomics Research Institute
for Systems Medicine (PRISM), San Diego, CA. 

4. Steven Wasserman, Ph.D., Professor, Biology Department, UCSD, La
Jolla, CA. 

5. Rolf Muller, Ph.D., President & Chief Scientific Officer, Biomatrica
Inc., San Diego, CA. 

To register for this event, please click on this link
<http://cts.vresp.com/c/?Biomatrica/70d27407d3/f65bf6cf79/7d66470e7e> .
An email invitation with webcast instructions will be sent to all





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