[Greener-benches] 2 computers available & printer & tablet

Kreycik, Philip William philip_kreycik at harvard.edu
Mon Mar 22 13:16:07 EDT 2010

Dear all,


The Lauder lab has 2 desktop computers that they are trying to give
away.  They are from 2002-2004 , 2.40 GHz/ 1GB, Intel 4 Processor and
with Windows XP.  


They also have an HP Laserjet 4050N printer and a Wacom Intuos 2 XD
tablet (with pen and pen holder).  The tablet uses a connector that
looks like this:


If interested, email Sonia Gandiaga directly: sgandiaga at oeb.harvard.edu
to arrange a time for pickup.





P.S. On the subject of old computers, if the computer no longer meets
your needs, Harvard Recycling has a computer recycling program through
which local high schoolers are paid to repair and rebuild computers to
be sold to programs that need computers but don't need the latest,
fastest model.  If you contact your building manager and keep the right
cables with the computer, he can help you get the computer recycled in
this way. But if the computer could be of use to the lab community, feel
free to post it here first!







Philip Kreycik, LEED AP O+M

FAS Green Labs Coordinator

Harvard University Office for Sustainability 

46 Blackstone St, Cambridge MA





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