[Greener-benches] FW: Lab Green Tip - Funding for waste reduction efforts!

Kreycik, Philip William philip_kreycik at harvard.edu
Fri Oct 2 11:44:07 EDT 2009

I heard from many people that they never received the copy of this email
I sent on Tuesday, so I think our listserv is acting up.  If you already
received this message, my apologies!  I hope you can find ways to reduce
waste that we can fund through this outlet or other Harvard money!


Have a great weekend, everyone!



P.S. we have a lab that has a surplus of Styrofoam shipping boxes - if
anyone needs boxes for outgoing shipments I'll put you in touch.  And if
you have ideas for reducing Styrofoam waste, please do share them with




From: Kreycik, Philip William 
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 1:24 PM
To: 'greener-benches at lists.hcs.harvard.edu'
Subject: Lab Green Tip - Funding for waste reduction efforts!


Dear all,


Are there any processes that waste money in your resources in your lab
because you are currently unable to afford to test out equipment or
systems that would help you save these resources in the future?  Do you
go through a high volume of solvent or metals or gases or other
consumable materials because you lack a process or system for reclaiming


If so, check out the Green Campus Loan Fund
<http://www.green.harvard.edu/loan-fund> , which provides up-front money
for just this sort of project. To be eligible, projects must reduce the
University's environmental impacts and have a financial payback period
of five to ten years or less. Applicant parties agree to repay the fund
via savings achieved by project-related reductions in utility
consumption, waste removal, or operating costs. 




This tip was inspired by the Chemistry Department's pilot project with a
solvent recycling machine made by CBG Biotech.  The machine has the
potential to save thousands of dollars per year in high volume users'
labs, by saving them from having to pay to purchase acetone and dispose
of it as hazardous waste. The loan fund is a potential way for labs to
find the upfront capital to purchase the machine.



-the FAS Green Labs Program



P.S. The FAS Green Labs program is about to begin a campaign to reduce
departmental junk mail addressed to researchers who graduated long ago.

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