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Dear all,


July's Greener Benches tip is that clean, unwanted lab equipment and lab
supplies can be donated to Seeding Labs <http://www.hcslo.com/> .
Please help us spread the word about their work, so that they can
continue to save an increasing amount of valuable lab materials from the
trash and help out labs around the world.


See the attached tip for details about what they will and will not
accept, as well as how to get in touch with them!





Text only version:


Seed a lab this summer... breathe a second life into that centrifuge.


Harvard College Seeding Labs helps support scientists in the developing
world by providing them with the resources they need to do world-class
research. Since 2003, over $300,000 of equipment has been sent to 21
labs and clinics across 3 continents.


Seeding Labs accepts:


*          PCR machines

*          Centrifuges

*          Water baths

*          Cell culture plasticware

*          Pipette tips

*          Microscopes

*          Vortexers

*          Heat blocks

*          Gloves

*          Eppendorfs

*          Falcon tubes

*          Incubators

*          Gel apparatuses

*          Power supplies

*          And more!


Make your donation and arrange a pick-up online at www.hcslo.com


Interested in volunteering with Seeding Labs? 
 Email mqian at fas.harvard.edu or tomia at fas.harvard.edu
<mailto:dfye at fas.harvard.edu> 






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