[Greener-benches] FW: CRT available & flatscreen available

Kreycik, Philip William philip_kreycik at harvard.edu
Thu Dec 10 17:35:21 EST 2009

FYI, for anyone who might want a CRT send an email to Susie directly.
For anyone who might want a flatscreen monitor (about 18-20"), send me
an email.


Note that CRTs and other electronics can be disposed of through special
e-waste recycling stations across campus.  At FAS and SEAS, we try to
recycle any batteries, mercury lightbulbs, and appliances that have
batteries or other toxic materials in them. Our process ensures that
materials are dealt with in a responsible way and non of the toxins are
released to the environment.  Please let us know if you don't think your
building has this option, or if you'd like to know where it exists.







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Hi Philip - Does anyone you know of want a 16" CRT?  I have it here on  

the 3rd floor....

thanks - Susie


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