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Athena Lao athena.lao at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 10:17:29 EST 2009

  Hello everyone,

Harvard's Educational Policy Committee has officially *approved the Ethnic
Studies Secondary Field!* Beginning in Fall 2010, students will receive
official recognition from the college for completing coursework in (as the
official title calls it) "Studies of Ethnicity, Indigeneity, Migration, and

Current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will be able to apply for
retroactive secondary credit (meaning - if you are taking "Ethnic
Studies"-related courses this year or have in past years) next fall.

*Other developments in the Ethnic Studies program at Harvard:*
-First Harvard Ethnic Studies Conference to take place on Apr. 9, 2010. We
hope this is the beginning of a yearly or at least biennial event!
-Active faculty on Standing Committee on Ethnic Studies, which oversees
development of courses, course credit, Ethnic Studies events, prizes, etc.
-Development of several Gen Ed "portal courses" which can double-count for
Gen Ed and Ethnic Studies
-Current development of praxis courses
-Creation of Ethnic Studies Prize for the best senior thesis/theses in
Ethnic Studies
-Academic advising
-Office at 2 Arrow St. with 1 staff member

Harvard students have had an extensive history fighting for Ethnic Studies
(see Crimson archives here:
http://www.thecrimson.com/search/?q=%22Ethnic+Studies%22 ), and our success
this year could not have been possible without all the efforts of the
students, faculty, and alumni who came before us! We're honored that we
could be here to witness the results of those efforts. Let us celebrate this
victory for the time being. Many thanks to the Faculty Committee on ES
(which has been VERY open to working with students), the student
organizations that have been involved, and individual undergraduate and
graduate students alike who have supported and been involved this year and
in years past.

Will keep you updated,

Athena Lao and Jessica Roman
Ethnic Studies Coalition
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