[Entrepreneurs] [Application Extension] Opportunity to Join the Global Kairos Society

Michael Bervell michaelbervell at college.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 21 23:55:16 EST 2016

*tl;dr - Kairos Society <https://vimeo.com/73872367> has extended
applications is still accepting applications. Email me
(MichaelBervell at college.harvard.edu <MichaelBervell at college.harvard.edu>)
if you choose to apply so I can give preference to your application.*


Hey all,

My name is Michael Bervell and I lead the Kairos Society
<https://vimeo.com/73872367> at Harvard.  We are currently accepting
applications for the Kairos Fellowship.

Each year, the Kairos Society <http://www.kairossociety.com/> selects a
handful of entrepreneurial students from around the world to join. While
the process is highly selective, fellows become part of community of peers
who are already shaping the world and are given an unparalleled platform to
pursue the kinds of technologies and innovations that have the potential to
change entire industries.

The Process to Apply


   The fall 2016 application is open here
   and is *due Friday, November 25th* if you wish to be considered for the

   We will then set up a short *interview by Friday, December 2nd*.  I will
   reach out to schedule once you have applied.

   All applications will be read and we will send responses before late

Please reply to this email if you apply (so I can let our application
reviewing committee know about you) and do not hesitate to reach out if you
have any questions!


Michael Bervell

[image: KairosSocietyLogo_RGB.png]

Michael Bervell
Director, Harvard University

See more about us here: https://vimeo.com/73872367
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