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My name is Chip Peinado and I am a senior in Quincy.  I am VP of Marketing
for Cyberposium, a conference held annually at HBS that focuses on
technology and entrepreneurship.  Below is our Press Release for the
conference, which gives a good overview of what Cyberposium is about.  The
conference will be held on November 5th this year.  We are currently
recruiting* *4 undergraduates for the position of* Directors of Marketing* to
help lead the event!  The Directors of Marketing will be in charge of
promoting the Cyberposium at Harvard and other schools along the east coast.
No travel is required – everything can be done from your Harvard dorm room.
Help us manage the event and make this year our best yet!

*Why **lead Cyberposium**?*

   - · Network with execs from the hottest tech companies and start-ups
   (last year’s keynotes included the Pandora CEO, HTC CEO, & VM Ware
   - · Meet and help build the HBS’ technology community
   - · Build your resume and help organize and support a massive school-wide

This position is a very low time commitment (less than 2 hours per week) but
is a great opportunity to get involved in the HBS tech scene and meet a wide
range of technology / start-up executives! If interested, email a paragraph
or two about your interest in the position and why you feel you are a good
fit for it to Peinado at fas.harvard.edu by *Wednesday, October 5*.  If you
have any questions about the role, please feel to reach out to me!


Chip Peinado

Peinado at fas.harvard.edu

*Cyberposium 17: Sky’s The Limit*

*Hosted by the TechMedia Club of Harvard Business School*

Held at Harvard Business
 for the past 16 years, *Cyberposium* is the largest MBA technology
conference in the world.  The conference facilitates an interactive network
of current and future business leaders to engage in a provocative dialog
about technology and its impact on business and society.  Cyberposium is
organized entirely by current MBA students at the Harvard Business School
and is the primary campus event of the school’s TechMedia Club.

Each year Cyberposium seeks to unite the community of present and future
business leaders who share a common passion to deliver technology’s greatest
promises.  The conference draws some 1,000 attendees from the tech/media
industries as well as the VC and startup communities. Participants include
CEOs, CTOs, founders, entrepreneurs, Wall Street and technology analysts, a
broad range of media and press representatives, and students from over 25
leading MBA programs around the world.  In addition, Cyberposium has over 75
corporate participants from leading high tech industries.

This year Cyberposium will be held on Saturday, November 5, 2011.  The theme
of the conference is Sky’s The Limit, which encompasses the constant tech
innovation recently seen, the soaring startup valuations and the growth in
cloud computing.  There will be two or three keynote speakers and twelve to
fourteen panels covering exciting topics in high tech and new media.  The
panels will cover topics related to mobile, enterprise, consumer web,
monetizing media, and consuming media.  Please visit the official
Cyberposium website at www.cyberposium.com for more information.
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