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Patrick Colangelo colangelo at college.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 27 19:52:01 EDT 2011

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Thank you for your enormous interest in the Harvard College Entrepreneurship
Forum. We interviewed *over 50 people* for the Executive Board, and we had
the pleasure of meeting a staggering number of dynamic, inspiring, and
exciting entrepreneurs. To the countless remarkable individuals who we could
not offer a position to this year, be proud that you have entrepreneurship
coursing through your veins. We hope to see you at the many events that we
have planned for the year.

The Executive Board for the 2011-2012 year is as follows:

*Senior Exec Committee:*

President: Patrick Colangelo

President: Jinzhao Wang

VP of Operations: Yifan Wu

Finance Chair: William Marks

Alumni Chair: Rafic Melham

*Tech Committee:*

Vice President: Tommy Mulaney

Executive Director: Kasey Uhlenhuth

Executive Director: Brandon Sim

*Sciences Committee: *

Vice President: Christopher Ding

Executive Director: John Morton

Executive Director: Andrew Liu

*Social Committee:*

Vice President: Tucker Kelly

Executive Director: Dakota Thomsen-Dig

Executive Director: Alissa Song

* *

*Internal Affairs Committee:*

Vice President: Gabriel Wildberger

Executive Director: Joel Sanchez

Executive Director: Luchen Wang

* *

*External Relations Committee:*

Vice President: Chuck Katis

Executive Director: Pulak Goyal

Executive Director: Kevin Jiang

* *


Merrill Lutsky & Carl Gao

Committee emails will go out this week. If you have any questions feel free
to email me directly. We look ahead to a very promising year of

Patrick Colangelo

Harvard University - Class of 2014

Co-President of the Entrepreneurship Forum
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