[Entrepreneurs] New Start-up Opportunity!

Winston Waters II winston.waters at college.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 7 16:42:41 EDT 2011

Hi entrepreneurs!

There's another new exciting startup opportunity in the works! Feel free to
shoot me an email and I'll put you in touch with the team!

As a team of three Harvard students, we are developing an
travel/location-based networking platform idea, and we would like to add
another web-programmer to the team! This application would allow you to see
where your friends are traveling, interning, whatever, but moreover, allow
you to then connect with them to get advice, get recommendation, find a
roommate, etc. There are relatively few apps out there now but none of them
to do a few additional features we have brainstormed (happy to discuss in
person!). Someone with front-end and back-end experience would be preferred,
but inexperience in either of these areas should not prohibit you from
reaching out!  We are looking for someone who will be committed, but the
time spent on the project is expected to be *very* manageable with a full
courseload.  All partners have numerous connections in finance, technology
and consulting and looking to work with someone excited at prospect on
taking this on as member of the team.  Ideally, would like to work with
someone comfortable with API’s (work with Java API’s, Windows API or, iOS SK
4), with some previous web-programming experience, and who will be able to
begin working soon!

Please let us know if you are interested in the opportunity.

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