[Entrepreneurs] Remindavax Seeking Technical Partner and Development Talent

Brandon Liu brandon.k.liu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 15:21:46 EDT 2011

Are you interested in *global health,* *developing a for-profit model with
an established healthcare technology solution,* and *changing the world for
the better*?

**About Remindavax**

Remindavax is a global healthcare venture that delivers SMS and web-based
solutions to health clinics to improve patient attendance and staff
effectiveness, leading to improved healthcare and reduced costs. Founded by
Annemarie Ryu (Harvard '13), Brandon Liu (Harvard '14), and Alex Ryu (UPenn
'11, HMS '15), Remindavax was
the April print edition of the Harvard Gazette and was
Place in the U.S. Finals of
Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition for projects effectively using
technology to address the Millennium Development Goals.
*Where we are now**

As of September 1, 2011, the Remindavax system is fully functioning in six
primary health centers managed by Karuna Trust in rural southern India and
is scheduled to be implemented in twelve additional primary health centers
in the coming few months. The system is currently serving over 1,000
pregnant women and mothers, and our new Director of Field Operations is
on-site to ensure smooth expansion.

The current pilot system being used in India is built using Ruby 1.9.2 +
Rails 3.0.7, MySQL, and Apache with Phusion Passenger.

**Lead Web Developer**

We currently have one existing application built on Rails for Karuna Trust
in India. Other applications built for other organizations will have to be
customized for each organization. You have the choice of continuing to work
on the Ruby on Rails platform by adapting the existing application, or you
can start from scratch on a new platform. However, the Rails application
must be maintained or replaced.

We are seeking a new Lead Web Developer to:

   - Build out features for and/or maintain the existing Rails application
   - Build out a flexible and clean API for automating SMS reminders in a
   platform of your choice
   - Control all aspects of the stack: schema design, architecture design,
   API design, UI/UX, testing, deployment, etc.
   - Possibly deal with special hardware configurations (i.e. server at a
   colocation) due to security issues involving sensitive medical data
   - Keep in close contact with the core team in Cambridge, MA, and the
   Director of Field Operations in India

As our Lead Web Developer, you'll have the opportunity to:

   - Lead the technical development of the program for a for-profit
   - Gain real-world experience building out an application with real users
   and real security and scalability issues.
   - Own part of the company
   - Participate in business plan competitions and social innovation
   competitions with the Remindavax team
   - Benefit thousands of mothers and children in India and other developing
   countries around the world

*We're looking for:*

   - A highly motivated undergraduate or graduate student
   - Experience building scalable and secure web applications
   - Experience working with APIs
   - At least a semester-long commitment
   - 3-6 hours of coding per week


Please contact us at info at remindavax.org with a statement of interest to
apply, or just send us an email to learn more! Please forward this message
to other potential candidates.

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