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An interesting looking talk (see below) for software entrepreneurs at  
SEAS on Sept. 15th.
I'm told lunch will be provided.  See you there,

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Entrepreneurship as a Force for Good: Larry Sullivan, Chairman - COINS
Larry Sullivan , Chairman COINS

When:	Sep 15, 2011 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Where:	Pierce 213, the Brooks Room

As the founder of 6 niche software companies, Mr. Sullivan will speak  
on his career path, including successes and lessons learned and his  
observations on leadership and entrepreneurship in the software  

About COINS:

COINS develops enterprise resource planning software for a number of  
industries. The company has over 50,000 users across the world and has  
been in business for more than 30 years. In their construction system  
they offer a full suite of modules including accounting, customer  
relationship management (CRM), human resources, project management,  
and more.

COINS is designed for large firms that generate over $50 million in  
annual revenue. It can be used by nearly any construction division or  
trade, from concrete to electrical to HVAC.


Speaker Biography:	Larry Sullivan - Chairman Larry is Chairman and co- 
founder of COINS, he is also co-founder of five other niche market  
software houses including one in Poland and one in Russia. His  
companies include Total Objects (www.totalobjects.co.uk) where he  
holds the role of Director, and Oasis Solutions (www.oasissolutions.co.uk 
) where he is Chairman. In 2004 Larry also funded and established the  
not for profit Stepping Stones (www.steppingstones.org.uk), a school  
for children with hemiplegia. His past directorships include CSBI SA  
(Poland), Computerland Poland, CSBI EE (Russia), CSB Meridian, and  
Matrix Ventures. larry.sullivan at coins-global.com

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