[Entrepreneurs] Get $5 coupon to buy designer vintage on my startup Styleta!

Yifan Zhang zhang34 at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jul 13 23:25:36 EDT 2010

Styleta (www.styleta.org) is a nonprofit, student-run startup that sells
designer clothing online for women's initiatives.  Fill out the form to
receive your coupon code:
 Thanks guys, your shopping cash will go toward charities that support
women's initiatives!


Yifan Zhang
Harvard College 2010
AB in Economics
(317) 410-3638

Founder and CEO, Styleta Inc
yifan at styleta.org

My Harvard College email (zhang34 at fas.harvard.edu) will expire very soon as
I have graduated.  Please contact me at yifanzhang at post.harvard.edu or
yifan at styleta.org.
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