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Mon Dec 28 02:28:09 EST 2009

Cool news from Near to Here, a former i3 winner! See press release below.
Hope everyone's having a great break!


 Long Anticipated 'Near To Here' iPhone App Launches Today

*New iPhone App Revolutionizes How We Travel and Tour*

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 *Press Release* Source: De La Plata Enterprises On Wednesday December 23,
2009, 11:27 am EST

the much-anticipated iPhone travel guide application, will be released today
by its creator, De La Plata Enterprises. The innovative app automatically
alerts users when they are near interesting attractions or historical sites
and delivers relevant information about the location.

Using reverse geolocation look-up technology, Near To
exactly where a user is located and what interesting stuff is around them.
As a user passes by landmarks - both renowned and obscure, they are alerted
with the Wikipedia entry of whatever is near - allowing them to discover and
learn as they wander through new or old places.

This innovative use of geolocation technology means that users can learn
about places of interest they may recognize, but can also learn surprising
facts about lesser-known places, such as hidden gems in foreign cities or
historical sites in their own hometowns.

"This is a tremendously powerful application and we are excited to share it
with everyone," says Near To
Zak Tanjeloff, age 23. "Unlike a tour guide or tour book, the information
you'll find in this application is limitless and dynamic because it is
layered onto the internet."

Users do not have to enter their city, country, or location—just simply turn
the app on while wandering around a familiar city or touring a foreign
location. Unlike current iPhone travel guide applications which are city
specific, Near To Here is able to deliver relevant content anywhere on the

Not just intended as only a travel tour guide, the app can be incredibly
interesting simply using it around your hometown. Tanjeloff got the idea as
a student at Harvard, from which he graduated in 2008.

"I was enchanted by the history of all the old buildings [at Harvard] but
many of them were unmarked, and the ones that did have plaques on them had
very terse explanations. I was curious about what was around me, everywhere
I went."

The Near To Here iPhone application will be in all Apple App
for just 99 cents.

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