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I graduated in June, and have since joined a small, rapidly growing VC firm
in New York called Penny Black.  For those of you who don't know me, I ran
and consulted for a number of startups while at Harvard, and decided at
graduation to take a turn on the other side of the table - and it's been an
amazing experience.  In the past year alone, our small team of 3 (including
myself) has made 18 investments in 8 companies (which is unheard of in the
VC world).

There's only so much we can handle though, so we've decided to recruit 1 or
2 interns for the coming summer.  You can check out our post on the
e-recruiting site (copied below), but basically we're looking for bright,
analytical students with an understanding of finance who have the energy and
drive to keep up with the work we do (and work the ibanking hours we keep).
I guarantee that it will be an amazing learning experience for those who do
get the internship (unlike other VC firms where you'll just be looking for
and cold calling prospects), both in terms of gaining an understanding of
the VC world of buy-side finance, and the world of our portfolio companies,
which cover a vast array of industries.

If you're interested, shoot me an email and apply through e-recruiting.  I'd
be happy to answer any questions about the firm and the experience.  Here's
a copy of the post on the e-recruiting site:

   - Penny Black is a young venture capital firm, primarily focused on
   investing in early- and expansion-stage companies in a wide array of
   industries, including online media, medical devices & services, consumer
   goods, and manufacturing.
   - We are unique both in our hands-on approach to investment management –
   working heavily with our portfolio companies post-investment to maximize
   value creation – and in our ability to use alternative financing methods to
   create the greatest returns for our investors and portfolio companies.
   - Working at Penny Black, summer analysts will gain a unique insight into
   – and a significant working knowledge of – the world of venture capital and
   corporate finance by being directly involved in the entire investment
   process, from deal sourcing, to due diligence, to investment management and
   strategic planning on an on-going basis.  As such, we seek a select group of
   highly motivated and energetic candidates with strong analytic skills, a
   knowledge of accounting and corporate finance, and an interest in the world
   of entrepreneurship.
   - Summer Analysts will be part of a small, 2-3 person team that will work
   very closely on all aspects of our investments.  The internship will take
   place in our New York office, and is 8-12 weeks in length.


Justin Wohlstadter
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