[Entrepreneurs] Sparkseed Social Entrepreneurship Competition Live

Liz Altmaier altmaier at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 14 15:28:22 EST 2009

Calling all Social Innovators!

Do you have an idea for the next high impact social venture? Want expert
advice, funding, and a network of support?  Apply now to be one of
Sparkseed's Social Innovators and win the resources you need to launch and
grow your venture.

*Why should I apply?*

Sparkseed helps college students launch world-changing social ventures.  We
help by providing:

   - *Seed money* - up to $11,000
   - *Web tools* - web site, graphic design, phone lines, & more; worth
   - *Mentoring & consulting* - from top professionals worth $20,000+
   - *Access to the Sparkseed network* - including other student innovators,
   investors, and entrepreneurs

*How do I apply?*

Go to www.sparkseed.org/apply. *
*The 5 applicants with the most followers automatically advance to the next
round of judging, so start now to increase your chances to win!
*Deadline to apply:  *February 7, 2010

*What is Sparkseed?*

Sparkseed <http://sparkseed.org/> (www.sparkseed.org) is a nonprofit
organization that supports the next generation of social entrepreneurs. We
harness the passion, innovation, and talent of college students in order to
increase the impact of their social ventures. Over the past two years,
Sparkseed has provided mentoring, seed money, pro-bono consulting, and web
tools to over 50 social innovators across the country.

*What now?*
Apply <http://sparkseed.org/apply> to Sparkseed’s social innovation
Stay up to date by following Sparkseed on
Facebook <http://facebook.com/sparkseed>
Learn more about Sparkseed at sparkseed.org and the Sparkseed
Checkout out our flyer: http://www.sparkseed.org/files/Applicant_Flyer.pdf

Tim Kutnick
Outreach Coordinator, Sparkseed
E-mail: Tim at Sparkseed.org | Phone: (714) 271-5817

Sparkseed: Investing in top social entrepreneurs of tomorrow as they lead
social ventures today.
Website: http://www.Sparkseed.org <http://www.sparkseed.org/>
Twitter: twitter.com/sparkseed
Facebook: facebook.com/sparkseed

Elizabeth L. Altmaier
Harvard College '10
(cell) 415.602.5081
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