[Entrepreneurs] $10 and under clothing - Nonprofit Fashion Startup seeking advice!

Yifan Zhang zhang34 at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 10 00:49:24 EST 2009

In the second iteration of the December trial sale, Styleta's Vintage Closet
opens at midnight tonight!  Every piece is $10 or under, and proceeds go to
Kiva and the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

If you are in Harvard Square and want to try something on before buying,
shoot me an email.  However, items still go to the first buyer from the

Styleta is a nonprofit fashion startup that collects donated clothing, sells
it online, and gives the proceeds to charity.  Please let me know if you
have any comments, want to get involved, have clothes to donate, or want to
join the mailing list to hear about sales!

Yifan Zhang
Founder, Styleta
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