[Entrepreneurs] Got An Idea? -- Apply to the $80, 000 i3 Innovation Challenge Early -- Get an HBS Mentor

Liz Altmaier altmaier at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 2 18:24:02 EST 2009

*What could you do with $80,000?*
*Create profitable, locally targeted online
Develop a mobile platform <http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/rover/> that brings
Harvard's campus to your phone? Publish a nationwide women's collegiate
magazine <http://hercampus.com/>? Reach out to underprivileged young adults
to help prepare <http://www.ineedapencil.com/> them for college?*
** They won i3 grant money...so can you. **

HCEF, HSA, and TECH are proud to bring you
*The third annual i3 Innovation Challenge
**Applications open today!
* Tracks: For-profit and social enterprise, benefiting either the Harvard
campus or a wider community
* Submit a statement of intent (a couple sentences sketching out your idea)
to harvardi3submissions at gmail.com before the end of finals and get partnered
with an HBS mentor
* Full application (due Feb. 14) online through www.hsa.net/i3
* Questions? Email us <harvardi3submissions at gmail.com>.

*i3: Imagine. Invent. Impact.

*A joint production of the Harvard College Entrepreneurship
Harvard Student Agencies <http://www.harvardstudentagencies.com/default.asp>,
and and the Technology and Enterpreneurship Center at
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