[crimson-archers] question about Ashley's pictures

Mr. Ashley Cheng axcheng at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Jul 29 21:16:04 EDT 2010

Sorry guys.


Alvin has my lot of photos from the Nationals.


I'm still sorting out all my photos and I haven't quite got around to the archery ones yet. This includes any ones taken after the Nationals. Sorry - it might take a while. I'm back in Semester already and our Club comp is coming up this weekend and the field shoot in a couple of weeks so my schedule is quite packed. Plus, I'm TF'ing this sem (means I actually have to teach 3 sets classes each week for the same course - Aust system is slightly different.).


Promise that I will have them out to you before Christmas (Thanksgiving if I can manage it). Sorry. If you have a particular one you would like, please email me and I'll scrounge around for it.


Hope you are all doing well.



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I just sent Doug the links again - let me know if anyone else lost them and wants them again :]

2010/7/29 Woodhouse, Douglas <woodhous at fas.harvard.edu>

Hey everyone!
I hope you’re all having a great summer!
Does anyone have copies of Ashley’s pictures? I’m jonsin’ for some archery, and I feel like some badass photos might tide me over until September, but I deleted the email where he said who had them.
Well, can’t wait to see you all in the fall!
Take care,
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