Student Astronomers At Harvard-Radcliffe

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Welcome to the STAHR (STudent Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe) mailing list!

This list is used for distributing information about the club as well as general information about astronomy and skywatching.

If you have any questions regarding the mailing list, please contact STAHR at HarvardSTAHR@gmail.com and visit our website at http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~stahr/

*Elisabeth Meyer '15 - President
elisabethmeyer [at] college.harvard.edu

*Chris Merchantz '15 - Vice-President
cmerchantz [at] college.harvard.edu

* Whitney Nimitpattana '15 - Events Coordinator / Treasurer
wnimipattana [at] college.harvard.edu

*Josh Speagle '15 - Class Coordinator
joshuaspeagle [at] college.harvard.edu

*Bethany Kanten '15 - Trip Tsar
bethanykanten [at] college.harvard.edu

*Billy Janitsch '15 - Web and Publicity Master
janitsch [at] college.harvard.edu

*Cecilia Sanders '16 - Secretary
csanders [at] college.harvard.edu

*Andy Mayo '17 - Observatory Manager
andrewmayo [at] college.harvard.edu

Clear Skies!


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-Because of frequent last-minute event and class announcements, we recommend that you do not use digest mode for this list.


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