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[Last updated on: Sun Sep 02 12:31:07 2002]

Welcome to hrsfa-announce, the announcement mailing list for the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association. All posts to this list should be sent to hrsfa-announce@hcs. Posts to this list should be restricted to Important Announcements, as defined below:

Approved Content for the Announcement List:
--Official Announcements. This includes minutes, meeting announcements, and various other infernal business.
--SF Events. This includes book signings, conventions, and anything that is clearly an event.
--SF News. This includes short announcements of news-of-interest related to the "greater world of sf". Things such as news of an author's death, or a new sf blockbuster movie are appropriate content under this category.
--HRSFA Events and Potential Events. This includes organizing movie outings, event announcements from SIGs and PSIGs, and other such things. This does -not- include updates on past SIG events or random chatter.
--Humor Postings. Because they don't get in the way.

Repeated violations of posting procedure will result in your list posting privileges being revoked. Thank you, and once again, welcome to hrsfa-announce!


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